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Our Face Shields (aka neck gaiter, neckie, etc.) are made from a lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking fabric. Highly versatile, face shields can be worn in any number of ways--as a face mask, bandana, headband, sun guard, and more. They're perfect for indoors or outdoors, and will keep you warm in the cold and cool and dry in the heat.

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Size Guide
Below is the sizing information for this product. These are standard garment measurements - not body measurements. This will get most people into the right size, most of the time. Since our products are not made by highly calibrated robots, but lovingly by real people, please expect a tolerance of +/- half an inch. All measurements are in inches.
Fit Guide
Each Spin product has a slightly different fit based on its form and function. We generalize fit into 4 basic categories:
Tight: Skin tight, conforms to body contours.
Slim: Fits closely to the body.
Regular: Standard athletic fit. Room to move and breathe without being baggy.
Relaxed: Comfy fit with ample room to wear over other layers.