Team Stores FAQ

What is a Spin Gaming Team Store?
A Spin Team Store is a dedicated store, hosted on Spin's web site, where your team can order uniforms and team swag!

How do I set up a Spin Team Store?
First step is to contact Spin to talk about what gear you want to put in your store.  Shoot us an email:

Why Should You Set Up a Team Store?

Team stores have a couple of different purposes:

    • Team Uniform Orders: Your team members place their uniform order and enter their sizes, numbers, names, etc.  They also pay for the gear themselves.  This saves you the hassle of wrangling everyone’s order info and money.
    • Swag: You can use your team store for extra goodies, like hats, hoodies, or joggers! This allows everyone to buy extra gear and also gives friends, family, and alumni a chance to buy items to proudly represent your team. You can get your team swag out into the world!
    • Fundraising: We’ll share a portion of the sales with your team! You may also choose to direct your revenue sharing to a non-profit organization of your choice.
    What items can go in a team store?

    Your team’s uniform and/or extra swag can be sold through your team store.  We can design any gear you see on our Team Gear page. Want something you don’t see on the Team Gear page? Ask your Spin rep--we can look into it for you!

    Team Store Best Practices

    • How long should I leave my store online? Forever?
      • We generally recommend leaving a team store up for 2 weeks. This gives everyone plenty of time to get their order in.
      • We can keep the store open for a shorter length of time, even for 24 hours! Just ask your Spin rep - we'll work with your timeline.
      • I want to put like 10 items in my team store! The more the merrier, right?
        • We say four to six items is usually a good number. It ensures that minimum order numbers are met while giving people a variety of items to choose from!

      How do I know what size to order?

      • Sizing and fit guides are available for all of our products on our Team Gear Page.

      • Prior to ordering, teams may request a set of samples, free of charge, to try on for sizing. Spin will also send a prepaid return shipping label to make it easy to return the samples to our office.  Contact your Spin rep for more info.

      • You may change your size and/or order details at any point up to when we close your Team Store and begin production of orders. Contact your Spin rep or email us at to make any changes. Unfortunately, once we close your store, we can no longer make changes.

      Other important things to know

        • Shipping
            • The free shipping for orders over $60 does not apply to team stores. 
              • Individual shipping - We offer this for all team stores. If selected, we'll ship the gear directly to you via UPS or USPS.
                • Team shipping - This is an additional option. With team shipping, there is one big shipment that goes to the team, who is then responsible for distributing the gear. If selected, the customer's gear goes into this shipment. 
                  • Designing gear
                      • We offer a variety of Design Packages to fit your particular need.  We have talented artists who can create fresh designs for you from scratch.  We never use pre-made design templates and just swap in different colors / logos.  Every design we do is original just for you.
                      • Minimums
                        • Generally, 12 units per design for new orders
                        • Generally, 5 units per design for repeat designs from within the same season.
                        • Some items have different minimum quantities, so always best to check with your Spin rep.
                            • Turnaround time
                              • We start production of orders when we close your team store (not when orders are initially placed).   
                              • 3 to 5 weeks from when your store closes (plus shipping time), depending on the type of gear ordered.  Always best to check with your Spin rep.
                              • Team Stores may stay open longer than originally projected based on a team’s request. When this happens, production and shipping dates are pushed back accordingly.
                              • Gear sold in Team Stores is custom made specifically for you!  As such, please review our Size and Fit Guides to ensure proper fit as we cannot make changes after your order is processed. We are not able to exchange sizes once your gear is produced and shipped.
                              • Please review the details of your order carefully and contact your Spin rep or email us at if you need to make any changes. We will happily update your order at any time prior to producing your order.
                              • We want you to be completely satisfied with your Spin Team Store order. We strive to handle every order perfectly and on time, but sometimes problems can occur. If you experience any issues with your order, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

                              Cool, what's that contact info again?
                              Email us at